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Our expert knowledge of kelp and Glucomannan delivers extraordinary benefits

Kelp Me - Gut health

Kelp Me Advanced - Weight management and gut health

Kelp Me uses a unique combination of different types of Kelp, Glucomannan, Probiotics, Enzymes, Antioxidants, Vitamins and Minerals to improve wellbeing, with a focus on gut health.

Benefits include: improved gut health, immune system support, stimulation of metabolism, strengthening skin and hair, reduction in fatigue and improvement in energy production.

The addition of ID-aIG™ in Kelp Me Advanced blocks fat and carbs assimilation adding a powerful weight management effect.

Kelp Me is an easy to take powdered supplement for everyday use.

Want something that looks after your Gut Health and all round Wellness?

Use Kelp Me to give you a daily boost of goodness, packed with antioxidants, probiotics, vitamins and minerals to keep you vitalised, energised and feeling at the top of your game

Big meal coming up? Know you won’t be able to resist feasting?

Use Kelp Me to limit the amount of room in your stomach before a high calorie meal and with Kelp Me Advanced you reduce the amount of fat and carbs absorbed too

What is Kelp Me?

Kelp Me and Kelp Me Advanced are a series of products inspired by our obsession with the numerous benefits of Kelp and Glucomannan. They are complete whole food supplements for weight management and wellbeing. Expertly formulated with over 15 natural ingredients in a uniquely balanced formula, they contain over a 100 active nutrients and a big list of benefits. All ingredients have scientific and clinical research behind them so we know they work. No marketing puff here. 

Superfood Kelp is a rich, natural source of iodine which stimulates the thyroid gland and encourages a healthy metabolism and release of energy.

Glucomannan is a water soluble fibre derived from the root of the konjac plant; which can: improve digestion and gut health, feed probiotics (it's a prebiotic), lower cholesterol, lower blood sugar and contribute to weight loss if taken before meals and as part of a balanced diet. The low calorie bulk-forming fibre absorbs water and takes up space in the stomach by swelling to form a gel-like substance which promotes satiety (a feeling of fullness), which in turn can suppress appetite.

If you are focused more on gut health and wellbeing rather than weight management Kelp Me is best taken between meals.

Kelp Me Advanced also includes a potent natural enzyme blocker, ID-aIG™ which reduces fat and carbs assimilation, inducing a reduction of the caloric intake for a global weight control effect.  The Advanced formula boosts all the main active ingredients by 20% ensuring users stay extra healthy during low calorie programmes, while further strengthening the immune system. 

Add the powdered blend to juices, smoothies, yogurts or even water, they both taste like cinnamon (KMA has a more earthy taste). The blends can be drunk at any time but are most effective before meals or as a healthier alternative to an unhealthy snack.

Weight Management and Wellbeing Supplements made with Kelp Glucomannan Alginate Antioxidants IDaIG Probiotics Enzymes Vitamins and Minerals Natural Whole Foods



Ashley Siedentopf, Certified Nutritionist and Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

"If you are trying to tackle those sweet, savoury or carby cravings, adding Kelp Me to your daily smoothies, not only will help you kick the chocolate/ chip or cheese habit, but its packed with a plethora of vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants for added nutrition to maximise the benefits of a healthy diet, this is a wonderful tasty powder, highly recommended!"


Dr Caroline Di Guisto, MD Women's Health

"Losing weight requires using more calories than you eat. Kelp Me and Kelp Me Advanced allow you to safely and effectively control your calorie intake. This, combined with a broad mix of probiotics, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals forms a complete, easy to take, wholefood supplement which I highly recommend."


Dr Abd-Hak Fehri, MD Bariatric Surgeon

"Kelp Me and Kelp Me Advance offer several effective weight management properties while promoting a healthy digestive system. These powdered blends are a powerful tool in any health regime."

Customer Testimonials

I was looking for something natural and not-too-drastic to help curb my appetite and thank god for Kelp Me Advanced.

It makes me feel fuller on smaller portions and has stopped me snacking between meals. My stomach is already feeling flatter after a week. Also helps intermittent fasting. A real winner of a supplement, where has this been all my life?


Been using this for three months now and I am so happy to have found the product! The taste takes time to get used to but if you take it regularly you see results!


I combine Kelp Me Advanced into my diet when I want to be more mindful of my fat intake and general weight management. It is such a small addition but its effect is huge and measurable! What a truly genius product, superb! Everyone needs it!!!


I take Kelp Me in the morning with my cereal or as an after snack in yoghurt, it fills me up instantly and tastes delicious. I feel the difference in the energy levels and general wellbeing. You also only need a little bit so the pack lasts forever!


Easy to make part of your daily routine, tastes great with apple or orange juice, looking forward to seeing some health benefits!


I just can't believe just how full it keeps me! I love my food but I'm simply not eating as much as before I had Kelp Me Advanced  


Kelp Me is really filling! I've come to really love the taste and look forward to taking it