Imperial Supplements Limited, which produces both Kelp Me and Kelp Me Advanced is owned and run by Quincy Allan. For years he has watched a close friend take a blue pill before meals filled with mysterious chemicals and the promise of weight loss. After some digging into exactly what those chemicals were doing to her insides, Quincy set out to make something as effective but more importantly more natural and vitalising for her to take.

Now not only does she have something to help her watch her weight, it also looks after her wellbeing too. Research has shown ingredients contained in Kelp Me to be three times more effective* than the main ingredient in the blue pill and without the nasty side effects either.

Quincy Allan with Kelp Me Advanced and Kelp Me - supplements for weight management and wellbeing

Quincy graduated with MSci Degree in Geology from Imperial College London. His work in oil and gas has taken him to Norway, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam.

Quincy moved back to London to work at a top city financial PR and Investor Relations agency where he became a Director in 2015.

In 2016 and after a short spell as Vice President for Growth at a Tech start-up, the process for the development of Kelp Me & Kelp Me Advanced began. 

The formulas were conceptualised by Quincy and a highly experienced consultant was brought in to bring these ideas to fruition, ensuring no contraindications and making sure ingredients are synergistic to each other. 

The consultant started in the healthcare industry in 1981 and was one of the first to recognise and import strong Probiotic products in 1984.

Since then he has formulated over 2000 different vitamin, mineral and herbals products for over 100 companies and practitioners. He currently owns his own consultancy and works with companies and several leading UK brands specialising in new product development, marketing and sales and quality control management systems and current legislation.

He is currently a Director of four Healthcare companies and a founding Director of three Foundations looking to further educate and help consumers know and understand how certain health ingredients can help alleviate major health problems.


 *The modulation of pancreatic lipase activity by alginates, Food Chemistry, Volume 146, 1 March 2014, Pages 479–484, Matthew D. Wilcox,  Iain A. Brownleea, J. Craig Richardsonb, Peter W. Dettmarb, Jeffrey P. Pearsona