Kelp Me Ambassadors

Kelp Me has been actively developing its Ambassador Programme in collaboration with fitness/health, nutrition and wellness practitioners in both Switzerland and Nigeria and is always interested in hearing about new collaboration opportunities in the UK.

Who are the Kelp Me ambassadors?

Kelp Me and Kelp Me Advance were developed to aid people in a transition to a healthier lifestyle. If you want to (or have clients that want to) watch your weight, improve your gut health, boost your energy levels and strengthen your immune system Kelp Me is for you. We use scientifically researched whole food ingredients and add no nasties so if you are sick of chemical names you can’t pronounce you have found the right place!

What do you get from an ambassadorship?

Depending on the type of ambassador, product supply, educational content, promotional materials, the ability to create new content, tasting sessions, quarterly meet-ups with other ambassadors to discuss ideas are just some of the benefits.

Kelp Me ambassadors profile

A Kelp Me ambassador will have had experiences with gut health issues, as well as an interest in gut wellbeing. They will most likely have a good amount of knowledge on the gut or will be well versed in integrating Kelp Me into drinks and snacks to help users keep using their supplement.  

Kelp Me Advanced ambassadors profile

A Kelp Me Advanced Ambassador can either be a Nutritionist / Doctor with a particular interest in weight loss or weight management.

Alternatively, someone on a weight loss journey (like a Mummy blogger) who have experienced the benefits of using Kelp Me Advanced and would like to share the most effective ways to use the product.


Example Campaigns

We have outlined below some examples of campaigns we would like to run on each product. We are flexible on the campaigns we run so if you have a great idea let us know! 


Kelp Me Ambassadors

Example: 10 ways to have Kelp Me. A blog series or series of social media posts to show the versatility of Kelp Me with the various ways it can be integrated into a diet. From having it with a smoothie at breakfast, using it before lunch or as a snack in the afternoon or evening. This will show the variety of flavours and ingredients that can be used with Kelp Me.


Kelp Me Advanced Ambassadors

Example: Accessible science / nutrition. How the natural ingredients in Kelp Me / Kelp Me Advance help various functions around the body. Being able to break down fairly complex science into understandable bite-sized chunks.

Example: Weight loss journey. Real life 1/2 month trial of the product with photos of your weight loss journey and feedback on the conclusion of the trial.


If you would like to become a Kelp Me ambassador please fill out this short form and we will get back to you: KELP FORM