Kelp Me™ Advanced 180g

Kelp Me™ Advanced 180g

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Kelp Me Advance provides a variety of Kelp, Glucomannan, Probiotics, Enzymes, Antioxidants, Vitamins and Minerals.

Benefits include: weight loss, improved gut health, immune system support, stimulation metabolism, strengthening skin/hair, reduction in fatigue and improvement in energy production

Product description

Kelp Me™ Advanced contains all the amazing benefits of Kelp Me but it also includes ID-aIG™ (a brown kelp extract) which has exceptional weight management properties. These are due to its specific marine polyphenols content that block the activity of the two main digestive enzymes (amylase and lipase) responsible for carbohydrate and fat digestion.

Through its powerful enzyme inhibition activity, ID-alG™ reduces carbohydrate and fat assimilation, inducing a reduction of the caloric intake. The latest clinical study* conducted with ID-alG™ confirmed its exceptional weight management properties:

  • Induces significant weight loss
  • Targets fat mass and especially abdominal fat, the most difficult to decrease, thanks to carbohydrate and fat blocker activity
  • Decreases carbohydrate assimilation inducing decline of glycated hemoglobin (HbA1c)
  • Improves physique
  • No signs of discomfort

ID-alG™ is a natural, effective, weight management tool and it has no known side effects. Kelp Me Advanced contains an impressive 500mg of ID-aIG™ in each recommended serving.

Kelp Me™ Advanced contains over 20% extra on all of the main active ingredients, vitamins and minerals so users stay healthier during a low-calorie regime while continuing to strengthen the immune system.

Kelp Me™ Advanced also uses Alginate (from Kelp) and Glucomannan (from the Konjac plant) to give a feeling of fullness to help you avoid snacking. Glucomannan helps reduce weight as part of a calorie controlled diet and is particularly effective before meals. The low-calorie bulk-forming fibre absorbs water and takes up space in the stomach by swelling to form a gel-like substance which promotes satiety (a feeling of fullness), which in turn can suppress appetite.

Glucomannan also slows down the absorption of food in the small intestine, which leads to blood sugar levels production becoming regulated. As there are fewer peaks and crashes in blood sugar levels there are fewer cravings for food to compensate for low blood sugar levels i.e less snacking.

For a full list of benefits please see the ingredients page. 

I'm gluten free! I'm also vegan, kosher, no-GM, non-irradiated, non-animal tested.

180g / 30 servings per bag, you'll also find a plastic scoop to use.





*Human clinical study (2010): Evaluation of ID-alG™’s weight-management effect on overweight women.


*Clinical study (2016) (double blind, randomized, placebo-controlled, bicentric) conducted during 16 weeks to explore the benefit and tolerability of ID-alG™ (400mg/day) for weight reduction.

6g (one leveled scoop or teaspoon) of the powdered blend once or twice daily.

Kelp Me Advance has a slightly more earthy taste and takes longer to set as a gel, for best results it is recommended you drink Kelp Me Advance 20-30 minutes before mealtimes with water or (apple) juice.

Consume with at least 250 ml of liquid.

Check out our recipes section for different ways of using your Kelp Me.

Kelp Me Advanced full ingredients list

Kelp Me Advanced Nutritional Information

Iodine: 175 mcg (approx.) per 6g serving = 116% of the EC NRV (Nutrient Reference Value). Amount of Iodine is not exact on natural products like Laminaria and ID-alG™






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